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Penis Panic

In addition to developmental penis disorders, psychological penis disorders exist that equally require treatment. One psychological penis disorder common is the Koro syndrome, also known as Genital Retraction Syndrome and Penis Panic.

Penis Panic: In the Mind

Although it is not to be taken lightly, some attribute "penis panic," or Genital Retraction Syndrome, to be closely related to the cultural belief of witchcraft and voodoo. This attribution occurs because this disorder is strongly a mental one, resulting in the mind creating a scenario that is not known to be physically possible.

Genital Retraction Syndrome, or penis panic, occurs when a man is overwhelmed by the idea that his penis and testicles will shrink, retract into the body, or just disappear. Generally, this is a cultural syndrome, one that occurs frequently in Asia and Africa, and it can affected an entire village. This disorder generally occurs in areas where education is minimal or restricted, or where drug use is heavily common.

Symptoms of Penis Panic

The symptoms of this psychological penis disorder are fairly simple. The person experiencing Genital Retraction Syndrome has an immense fear that his penis will shrink or disappear and that he will die. What is most notable about this disorder is its ability to spread amongst a society, causing some researchers to use terms such as "mass hysteria" in association with this disorder.

Essentially, penis panic stems from the idea of being emasculated. The status of the penis and its "power" is world-wide, and no male wants to be separated from what makes him a man. Ultimately, for some, the mere thought of this happening is enough to cause hysteria. However, this disorder is different from other psychological penis disorders in that it has been known to be contagious.

Causes of Genital Retraction Syndrome

Most of the time, the causes listed for Genital Retraction Syndrome are food poisoning, drug use, and excessive masturbation. One of the most famous instances of Genital Retraction Syndrome occurred in 1967 in Singapore, when groups of men believed that they had eaten contaminated pork that was causing the condition. No such widespread instances of this disorder have occurred in the United States, according to research.

Another instance of this psychological disorder occurred in 2003, where men from Sudan were supposedly causing penises to disappear by shaking hands with random men. This case went so far as to make it into the media in Sudan, and some journalists were advising people not to visit Sudan because of this phenomenon. In West Africa between 1997 and 2003, six nations declared instances of this epidemic as well. Clearly, this disorder is serious and has even been known to cause violence in areas where it has become an epidemic.

Unfortunately, the only treatment for this psychological penis disorder is to simply tell the person experiencing penis panic that it physically cannot happen. Men who suffer from Genital Retraction Syndrome most assuredly only need counseling.

However, this is not a disorder that should be dismissed. The roots of this disorder may lie very deep, and intense counseling may be needed to convince the person suffering from this disorder that his penis will not disappear.

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