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Expanzite Review

Expanzite is a blend of potent natural herbs that enhances sexual enjoyment and boosts self-confidence. By helping to enlarge the penis during erection, Expanzite helps men perform more confidently in the bedroom.

How Does Expanzite Work?

Expanzite is a blend of herbs combined for optimal potency, with each ingredient carefully measured in a controlled environment. The special blend of herbs assists in the two major factors of penis enhancement. First, it helps in promoting additional blood flow to the penis area. It also helps condition the erectile tissue so that it stretches more easily.

Expanzite adds both length and girth to a penis by prompting the erectile chambers to retain more blood than they release during an erection. The pill should be taken approximately one and a half hours prior to the time of desired sexual performance.

Expanzite is also a relatively inexpensive product to try, but it's also important for customers to be made aware that there is no money back guarantee. Therefore, if you are one of the men who does not see male enhancement results, there is no refund on the product.

What's Included?

This product does not include any upgrade features or money back satisfaction guarantee.

The offering is straightforward:

  • Three month supply of Expanzite pills – 3 bottles $62.00

Testing and Endorsements

To date, Expanzite male enhancement pills have not been tested in any scientific clinical studies. Also, the product does not include any physician or other expert endorsements, and currently, it does not offer any customer testimonials. Therefore, there are no documented results for this product.


  • All natural supplement
  • Very affordable at $62.00 for a 3 month supply
  • Most users see results in as little as 90 minutes.


  • Changes are not permanent
  • Doesn't work for all users
  • Doctor consultation is recommended before starting use of product
  • No money back satisfaction guarantee
  • No free bonuses
  • No documentation of proven results or clinical testing
  • Can only be purchased for a 3 month period
  • Compared to other similar products, Expanzite takes longer to see results
  • Doesn't offer discreet shipping


Expanzite is an herbal formula administered in the form of a pill to enhance male sexual experiences.

A buyer's caveat: this product does not come with a guarantee, no clinical studies have been conducted, no professional endorsements or customer testimonials are provided, and there is no promise of discreet shipping.

While Expanzite is a very affordable male enhancement product, potential customers should read the available information thoroughly before making a purchase.

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